Knead in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Knead

to work and press into a mass, usually with the hands

Examples of Knead in a sentence

I watched Frank knead dough as he pushed down and out, stretching the dough flatter and flatter. 🔊

The first time I attempted to knead dough, the kitchen looked like a hurricane had hit with flour spread out all over the kitchen floor. 🔊

Frank the baker can knead dough in his bakery at such high speeds that people line up every day to watch. 🔊

Sally attempted to knead a large amount of dough with her hands, but after only ten minutes was completely wiped out from the strain.  🔊

Mary couldn’t figure out what went wrong when she attempted to knead dough, until Kevin pointed out that she had forgotten to add the yeast.  🔊

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