Spew in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Spew

to forcefully expel a large amount of something

Examples of Spew in a sentence

1. The elephant gathered a great deal of water in its trunk so it could spew it at its offspring and help the baby clean itself. 🔉

2. I had to spew out the water I was drinking when I took a breath at the wrong moment and nearly inhaled the liquid. 🔉

3. The geysers in Yellowstone National Park will sporadically spew out streams of steaming water from below the surface. 🔉

4. When a volcano erupts, it will spew out a humongous amount of lava, ash, and magma, often resulting in the destruction of any nearby settlements. 🔉

5. A whale will often spew water from its blowhole whenever it surfaces, leading to the majestic shots that many of us would consider ourselves lucky to see. 🔉

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