Latch in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Latch

to fasten a door or gate with a latch or a lock

Examples of Latch in a sentence

We had to latch the door closed with a lock so it would not fly open when it got windy, since the last storm made a mess. 🔊

My Dad and I went out to the hardware store so we could buy a new lock to latch the backyard gate with. 🔊

If you need to latch the trunk of your car closed with a lock, then the inner mechanism of the car that usually does that is probably broken. 🔊

With no other option available to us, we had to latch our fence gate closed with a zip tie until we could buy a real lock tomorrow. 🔊

Technically you are supposed to latch a door with an actual latch, but you can keep it closed with plenty of other types of locks. 🔊

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