Peculate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Peculate

to take money that belongs to others, usually a business or public agency

Examples of Peculate in a sentence

Because Adam needed money to pay his bills, it was hard for him to fight the temptation to peculate funds from the bank.  🔊

We were shocked when we learned our pastor had chosen to peculate money from our daycare fund to pay for a prostitute’s services.  🔊

As a trustworthy accountant, Jim would never peculate money from the financial accounts he monitors.  🔊

Why did Gina peculate money from her own charity and use it for personal use?  🔊

Since the treasurer decided to peculate from the club, he was kicked out of the organization and sued for the amount taken.  🔊

The vice-president’s plan was to peculate a large sum of money from his company and then flee to Brazil.  🔊

In order to cover his drug debts, Stan decided to peculate money from the office’s petty cash fund.  🔊

Cameras are located throughout the bank in case any employees decide to peculate funds.  🔊

Working together, the two embezzlers managed to peculate millions of dollars from hospital accounts.  🔊

Bill did not expect to get ten years in prison when he made the decision to peculate from the school booster fund.  🔊

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