Rapscallion in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Rapscallion

a person who is mischievous

Examples of Rapscallion in a sentence

The young, Irish rapscallion spent most of his first days in New York looking for something to get into.  🔊

Finishing off his stint as a train robber, the rapscallion insisted he was done with his days of bad behavior.  🔊

A rapscallion in his youth, the elderly man loved to tell stories of when he was a wayward steamboat captain.  🔊

The teen’s reputation as a mischievous scallion stopped him from getting hired by the summer intern program.  🔊

In some legends, Peter Pan is an evil and malevolent villain, while in others he is an impish rapscallion who simply doesn’t want to grow up.  🔊

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