Turpitude in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Turpitude

a vile or depraved act

Examples of Turpitude in a sentence

In less than an hour, the judge decided to execute the killer for his moral turpitude. 🔊

The criminal was sentenced to life in prison for the acts of turpitude he committed. 🔊

Although James is not guilty of carrying out any forms of turpitude, he is far from being a choirboy. 🔊

Jason did not get the job because he lied when he denied a past arrest regarding his participation in turpitude. 🔊

If you commit acts of moral turpitude, you may find it difficult to get employment as a law enforcement officer. 🔊

Hank was not given his law license because of his failure to disclose the turpitude he performed in his past. 🔊

Before becoming a nun, Sister Mary Lawrence was a gang member who followed her leader in committing crimes of turpitude. 🔊

The anti-government groups are constantly accusing the president of lying to hide his turpitude. 🔊

When the drug company paid bribes to avoid taking responsibility for selling the defected drugs, it revealed the true extent of its turpitude. 🔊

The pastor was viewed as a supporter of moral turpitude when he cheated on his wife. 🔊

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