Longitude in a Sentence  πŸ”‰

Definition of Longitude

angular distance measured west or east of the prime meridian

Examples of Longitude in a sentence

1. The vertical lines that are found on the map are known as the longitude, while the lateral lines are referred to as the latitude. πŸ”‰

2. Longitude and latitude lines crisscross the map, creating a checkered like globe with so many small boxes. πŸ”‰

3. The sailors figured out their current position by pouring over the longitude and latitude lines on their boats map. πŸ”‰

4. The Prime Meridian is a line of longitude that is defined as zero, following Greenwich Mean Time. πŸ”‰

5. I explained to our son that longitude and latitude lines do not really exist, which is why he can’t expect to see them when looking out of the airplane window. πŸ”‰

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