Double Entendre in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Double Entendre

a term or phrase that has more than one definition with one of them being indecent

Examples of Double Entendre in a sentence

A joke was fashioned from the use of a double entendre by mistaking a pirate’s treasure of booty with a body part.  🔊

When the teacher said a word that had a double entendre, laughing could be heard from the back of the room since the kids took what she said as an inappropriate remark.  🔊

Once the minister innocently stated the sentence with the double entendre during his sermon, he turned bright red from embarrassment for using a word that had a risqué meaning.  🔊

When the double entendre was explained to the old lady, she realized that she said a phrase meaning one thing but it was believed to mean something less proper.  🔊

Nobody laughed at the man’s corny pun, but everyone chuckled loudly at the double entendre of saying balls to mean basketballs.  🔊

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