Folly in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Folly

an action where wisdom is absent

Examples of Folly in a sentence

In the film, the elderly man’s folly was marrying a gold-digger who only wanted his money.  🔊

It was obvious the city’s folly was not being properly prepared for the hurricane that nearly destroyed it.  🔊

Unfortunately, the man’s act of folly in the casino caused him to lose everything he owned.  🔊

Going shopping on Christmas Eve was my husband’s worst folly ever.  🔊

The folly that caused the politician to lose the election was his failure to address the economic crisis.  🔊

After Kurt and I realized our folly, we swore we would never make that stupid mistake again.  🔊

The folly that got Jim arrested was hanging out with the gang of robbers.  🔊

Who would be stupid enough to commit the folly of buying a failing business in a small town?  🔊

Frank made a huge folly when he depended upon an unreliable friend to help finish his literature project.  🔊

Rather than admit her folly to her parents, Jenna lied about her report card.  🔊

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