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Definition of Mallet

a hammer with a typically wooden head that is used for hitting a chisel

Examples of Mallet in a sentence

With a mallet and a chisel, a skilled sculptor can turn a block of stone into a fantastic statue worthy of being in a museum. 🔊

While some may consider the chisel the most important tool of the sculptor, without a mallet to drive it into the stone with it is useless. 🔊

A mallet is usually a tool for sculpting, but there is also a metal variant that is used to pound raw meat in cooking. 🔊

A mallet is a special type of hammer, used to flatten food items in some situations and drive nails or chisels in other situations. 🔊

Whoever sculpted the statue of David probably had to use a chisel and a mallet to make many of the artistic changes that he needed. 🔊

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