Sanctimonious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sanctimonious

pretending to be better than others on a moral level

Examples of Sanctimonious in a sentence

Even though the minister had been arrested for shoplifting, he still had the nerve to act sanctimonious in front of the congregation.  🔊

My sanctimonious aunt tends to look down upon people who do not go to church every Sunday.  🔊

Because my father constantly points out my faults while ignoring his own, I consider him to be rather sanctimonious.  🔊

Katie is a sanctimonious woman who tries to belittle those who do not volunteer as much as she does.  🔊

When talking with the media, the president had a sanctimonious attitude and seemed to dare the reporters to question his conduct.  🔊

Everyone was shocked when the minister told Abigail she was a sanctimonious hypocrite who judged people without acknowledging her own sins.  🔊

While Jordan does not think he sounds sanctimonious when he talks about his moral beliefs, he has managed to offend everyone in our study group.  🔊

Maggie is a sanctimonious fraud who pretends to be a do-gooder when she actually only thinks about herself.  🔊

When Jake complained about the number of people needing government assistance, he came across as sanctimonious.  🔊

In a sanctimonious tone, William accused the janitor of stealing his wallet.  🔊

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