Prescience in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Prescience

the capacity to know future events

Examples of Prescience in a sentence

Because Janet was amazed by the psychic’s prescience, she visited her on a regular basis.  🔊

We could not deny the fortuneteller’s prescience when his prophecies were realized.  🔊

Since Nana has prescience, she knows my baby is going to be a boy.  🔊

Fortunately, my prescience led me to bring an umbrella to work on what was supposed to be a sunny day.  🔊

We can only assume Jack’s lack of prescience is part of the reason he makes so many bad decisions.  🔊

Unfortunately the analysts in the early 1900’s did not have prescience and were unaware of the looming economic depression.  🔊

The struggling gambler wished he had prescience so he could choose winning teams.  🔊

When we read Ann’s diary, we knew she had prescience and had seen her death.  🔊

There is always someone who thinks he has prescience and knows who will win the World Series at the start of baseball season.  🔊

Although the scientist’s claim of having prescience was mocked by his peers, he had the last laugh when all of his predictions came true.  🔊

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