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Definition of Pallid

pale skin or lacking in vitality or interest

Examples of Pallid in a sentence

Although she is a redhead with very fair skin, Maureen has tried all sorts of ways to give her pallid complexion just a touch of color. 🔊

His pallid complexion is a definite indication that he spends all his time indoors.  🔊

Because her face was so pallid, I had no reason to believe that she was pretending to be sick to get out of cleaning up the kitchen. 🔊

When I saw myself standing next to the mime in the photo, I decided that next to him, my pallid complexion was downright rosy!  🔊

The January morning was frosty, and we could see our breath turn into pallid clouds in the air as we exhaled.  🔊

If you have a high fever and your skin is clammy and pallid, it’s almost certain that you have come down with the virus.  🔊

I didn’t get past the first chapter of the book because I found the main character to be a whiny, pallid caricature of a romantic heroine.  🔊

When Romeo saw Juliet’s pallid face in the crypt, he believed she was really dead.  🔊

This new novel of his is just a pallid remake of the bestseller that made him famous.  🔊

After her children went out into the world, Peggy became depressed, believing that she was doomed to a pallid existence where no one needed her anymore.  🔊

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