Minimum in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Minimum

the smallest or lowest of something

Examples of Minimum in a sentence

Since the minimum age requirement to ride the amusement park’s roller coaster was 12, the 11-year old had to wait for her friends on the ground.  🔊

If you drive over the minimum speed limit of 55 on the highway, you take the risk of receiving a speeding ticket from the police.  🔊

I took the job at the fast food restaurant because the sign stated that I would make a minimum amount of $8 per hour and I could live off of that money.  🔊

The job requirements included a bachelor’s degree and a minimum experience of three years in the field but having more experience would be beneficial to the candidate.  🔊

Parking in this parking lot costs $2 per hour with a minimum amount of $3, so I realized that I would need to park there for over an hour for it to be worth the cost.  🔊

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