Miscreant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Miscreant

an individual who has misbehaved

Examples of Miscreant in a sentence

The principal took the miscreant out of my classroom and placed him in the in-school suspension room.  🔊

Sometimes when Jim acts like a miscreant, his wife kicks him out of the house.  🔊

For the computer savvy miscreant, it is a great age in which to be a hacker.  🔊

How long is it going to take the police to capture the miscreant who keeps knocking down mailboxes in our neighborhood?  🔊

The miscreant will not be able to get out of jail without the assistance of a good attorney.  🔊

Although the miscreant only committed a couple of minor crimes, according to the law he should still be punished.  🔊

Everyone is shocked a proper lady like April is dating a miscreant like James.  🔊

Because James is a miscreant with a felony record for murder, he cannot become a police officer.  🔊

The church installed cameras outside in hopes of catching the miscreant who was vandalizing the building.  🔊

Even though my son is a miscreant who has a tendency to get into trouble, he is only eight and has plenty of time to become a successful adult.  🔊

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