Hypothetical in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hypothetical

founded on a theory or idea that has not been verified as true

Examples of Hypothetical in a sentence

For an assignment, each student had to write a response to a hypothetical scenario as though it had actually occurred. 🔊

It is a waste of my time to respond to my boyfriend’s hypothetical questions about a cheating incident that never happened. 🔊

Rather than admit her guilt, the little girl told a hypothetical story about a boy who had stolen cupcakes. 🔊

The student physicians were asked to diagnose the plastic dummy’s hypothetical condition. 🔊

Because the planetary explosion may never happen, the scientist is merely talking about a hypothetical threat. 🔊

For my graduate thesis paper, I had to create a business plan for a hypothetical cookie company. 🔊

In time, the scientist’s invention will become a reality instead of a hypothetical notion. 🔊

Greg’s gambling addiction is so bad he even bets on hypothetical games that have no possibility of being played. 🔊

In law school, we are often given hypothetical cases to prosecute and defend for courtroom practice. 🔊

To prepare for emergencies, The Center for Disease Control often uses hypothetical data to estimate the rate at which a contagious disease could be spread. 🔊

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