Monotonous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Monotonous

dull, tedious, and repetitive; lacks variety and interest

Examples of Monotonous in a sentence

Because Marvin was angry at his wife, he gave only monotonous responses to her questions.  🔊

Since it involves repeating movements, raking leaves is such a monotonous task.  🔊

After the third quarter of the boring basketball game, all of the players’ actions seemed monotonous to me.  🔊

Everyone complains about my science teacher’s uninteresting and monotonous lectures.  🔊

Because she does the same thing every single day, Jane considers her life to be monotonous.  🔊

When studying for his exam became too monotonous, Alan took a short break.  🔊

Since it was based on your average romance story, the movie’s plot seemed monotonous after a while.  🔊

If your daily routine has become too monotonous, you need to sit down and reorganize your schedule.  🔊

After being served hamburgers three days in a row for lunch, my family and I found the cruise ship food to be monotonous.  🔊

As it requires me to eat green beans every day for a week, the first part of my new diet is very monotonous.  🔊

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