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Definition of Moron

a very dumb or stupid person

Examples of Moron in a sentence

Scoring double digits on the IQ test, Bruce is a certified moron. 🔊

David called the barista a moron for misspelling his name on the side of his coffee cup. 🔊

You've got to be a complete and total moron for shoplifting in a store equipped with surveillance cameras. 🔊

Thankfully, the dentist didn't make me feel like a moron for not being as diligent as I should of been with my flossing habits. 🔊

Everyone knows the dangers of texting and driving, so anyone who texts and drives is a moron. 🔊

You are a loud, obnoxious moron and have no business going to the library. 🔊

In contrast to my gullible sister, I'm not a moron who was duped into buying an extended car warranty from a scam caller. 🔊

Eric is a moron and thought it would be funny to antagonize the dogs by kicking their fence. 🔊

Charles is a moron to believe that Ashley, a happily married woman, would go out with him. 🔊

I was rightfully called a moron for trying to evade the police on foot when they just wanted to ask me a few questions. 🔊

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