Drivel in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Drivel

pointless babble or chatter

Examples of Drivel in a sentence

Instead of studying, we wasted the hours talking about irrelevant drivel.  🔊

The inexperienced teacher was so nervous during the first class that she talked about drivel completely unrelated to the course.  🔊

Since I enjoy eating in silence, I tend to eat lunch at my desk to avoid my colleagues' drivel.  🔊

Sometimes listening to my mother’s nonstop drivel makes my head hurt.  🔊

Throughout the poorly written film, the audience was forced to endure the characters’ drivel that added nothing to the plot.  🔊

John easy won the debate because his opponent could only refute his facts with meaningless drivel.  🔊

When Jack grew tired of hearing his wife’s drivel about her single best friend, he turned up the volume on the television.  🔊

Frank decided against voting for the politician after listening to the man's endless drivel during the press event.  🔊

Because I was taking a tour with a group of chatty women, I knew I would hear a lot of drivel on the three-hour journey.  🔊

Few things are as annoying as having to listen to Larry’s drivel when he is drunk.  🔊

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