Prattle in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Prattle

talking for a long period of time about insignificant things

Examples of Prattle in a sentence

At every party, there is always one lady who has to prattle on about her cute kids. 🔊

I can only hope my grandmother does not prattle about her childhood during Christmas dinner.  🔊

If the councilman is going to prattle for two hours about the importance of police officers, then he must be prepared to give them their first pay increase in three years. 🔊

Carmen made everyone angry when she used the entire lunch meeting to prattle on the subject of her new car.  🔊

Even though I like to talk about my husband and my daughters, I find it hard to prattle about them for hours at a time.  🔊

How can the widow prattle about her new boyfriend during her husband’s eulogy?  🔊

Since Mark had not studied for the exam, he decided to prattle about the teacher’s personal life in order to waste class time.  🔊

My talkative mother can prattle on any subject for hours.  🔊

Because our office manager thinks prattle decreases our work effort, she has drafted a rule that limits cubicle visits to official breaks.  🔊

To make others envious, Catherine likes to prattle on about her great job.  🔊

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