Noetic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Noetic

of or pertaining to the mind or intellect

Examples of Noetic in a sentence

In the debate between the two top teams, it became apparent of the leader’s noetic capabilities to describe the history and reasoning behind their debating topic. 🔊

Since the 6th graders were used to simple calculations, they got a rude awakening with the noetic math mainly focusing on the students’ problem-solving skills. 🔊

Having a strong background in noetic learning, Karen was quickly deemed the smartest girl in class due to her in-depth thinking. 🔊

Kevin’s wisdom and understanding far surpassed Tina’s due to his noetic learning and her rote memory. 🔊

Knowing it would take strict discipline and noetic strategies to crack the enigma code, many proven intellects were hired during World War II. 🔊

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