Icky in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Icky

with an unpleasant quality

Examples of Icky in a sentence

1. I personally feel very icky if I don't shower in the morning. 🔉

2. Isn't it kind of icky that the murderer cheated justice and got away with the killing? 🔉

3. After eating so much oil with my vegetables, I felt icky. 🔉

4. It is usually the icky taste that makes it hard for children to take medicine. 🔉

5. Because the millionaire was well off, he would feel icky about receiving money on his birthday. 🔉

6. Many children don't like vegetables because they look and taste icky. 🔉

7. Chicken manure sounds icky, but it is generally known as a great fertilizer for yards and gardens. 🔉

8. Animals such as rats, mice, toads and cockroaches are really creepy and icky. 🔉

9. The three main icky side effects of pregnancy are vomiting, heartburn and constipation. 🔉

10. Unable to shake the icky residue from her bad dream, Samantha decided to seek professional help. 🔉

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