Occupy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Occupy

to live in or inhabit a place

Examples of Occupy in a sentence

Landlords may expect damage to their houses if college students are expected to occupy their apartments or houses.  🔊

Farmer John realizes that rodents and raccoons seemed to occupy his old barn because of the scratch marks, fur and animal droppings left along the barn floor.  🔊

Ghost hunters speculated that no one seemed to occupy the abandoned hospital since the structure was in disarray and no remnants of human life were found.  🔊

The motel manager agrees to allow the couple to occupy the room for 3 weeks, but after that they would need to find a long-term rental place.  🔊

Mr. and Ms. Blythe expected to occupy their vacation home in Bermuda as soon as winter began at their primary residence in Canada.  🔊

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