Glean in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Glean

to gather information in pieces

Examples of Glean in a sentence

From several library resources, Sara was able to glean enough information to write her research paper. 🔊

I was not able to glean much information from my uncle’s intoxicated ramblings.  🔊

During my chat with the famous educator, I was able to glean a wealth of knowledge about teaching. 🔊

The researchers were able to glean a great deal of information about the medicine’s effects during the experiment.  🔊

To glean information on current events, Susan watches news channels as often as she can.  🔊

Before the elections, I always watch the debates so I can glean information on the candidates and their platforms.  🔊

The elderly librarian cannot understand why students prefer to glean their facts from computers instead of from books.  🔊

An experienced eavesdropper, Kelly was able to easily glean information about the couple seated near us at dinner.  🔊

The company uses survey results to glean consumer opinions about their product line.  🔊

Whenever I talk to my supervisor, I take advantage of the opportunity to glean ways in which I can do my job better.  🔊

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