Bourgeois in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Bourgeois

characteristic of the social middle class or relating to one who likes to put on airs

Examples of Bourgeois in a sentence

In America, the traditional bourgeois family consists of two parents, two children, and a family pet.  🔊

Kate’s bourgeois ideas led her to think she was better than most people.  🔊

The bourgeois family lived in a middle-class subdivision.  🔊

Although he came from a poor family, Charles always acted bourgeois when he was out with his friends.  🔊

The prince’s fiancée was looked down upon because of her bourgeois upbringing.  🔊

Because my aunt only buys expensive clothes, many people consider her to be bourgeois.  🔊

You should be less concerned about being bourgeois and more concerned about helping others!  🔊

While Charlotte was offended when her peers called her bourgeois, the reference did not stop her from overdressing for parties.  🔊

After surviving the plane crash, Eric gave up his bourgeois life and joined the priesthood.  🔊

The minister frowned upon the bourgeois lifestyles of many of his parishioners.  🔊

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