Opt in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Opt

to make a selection

Examples of Opt in a sentence

1. After receiving many worthless advertisements in her email, Cynthia decided to opt out of receiving any emails from unknown senders. 🔉

2. When the robbery occurred, the homeowners realized they would opt to reestablish connection with their expired home security system. 🔉

3. Between taking a vacation or getting braces for our younger daughter, we opt for the braces because that seems to take priority over the vacation. 🔉

4. The house seemed to have more room, but I would opt for the apartment due to the abundance of amenities it offers. 🔉

5. While on my diet, it was obvious that I would opt for the salad as opposed to the double-decker cheeseburger. 🔉

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