Ornament in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Ornament

a decoration added onto something else to make it more beautiful

Examples of Ornament in a sentence

1. The 3-year-old child hung the blue sparkling globe on the Christmas tree because it was his favorite ornament. 🔉

2. Sarah wanted to create a more seasonal look to her house, so she hung an ornament in every space of her house commemorating the holiday. 🔉

3. Once the ornament was added to the center of the table, everyone began commenting on her original and colorful centerpiece. 🔉

4. The child spent hours decorating his ornament with glitter, stickers, and paint to put on the top of the tree. 🔉

5. Since the house was drab on the inside, each ornament adorned the walls and created a welcoming feeling for the visitors. 🔉

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