Orthodontist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Orthodontist

a doctor specializing in dental work for avoiding or improving uneven teeth

Examples of Orthodontist in a sentence

An orthodontist required my daughter to get braces for two years since her front teeth were not in alignment with the other teeth. 🔊

My dentist required me to consult an orthodontist when one of my adult teeth was coming in crooked. 🔊

“I have never seen an orthodontist in my life,” bragged the teenager, “because all of my teeth are perfect and straight.” 🔊

The middle-aged woman got a second opinion from another orthodontist when her treatment required a full set of braces. 🔊

Instead of pulling her tooth, an orthodontist was able to straighten Sylvia’s front tooth with a brace device. 🔊

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