Orwellian in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Orwellian

a dystopian, imperfect world under a supposedly perfect guise

Examples of Orwellian in a sentence

In 1984, the people lived under a supposed utopia, but the world is actually terrible and everyone’s life is awful. 🔊

In an Orwellian society, a world that is supposed to be perfect is actually horrendous and corrupt. 🔊

The Orwellian story had an advanced society with all sorts of amazing technologies, but their lives were ruled by a tyrannical dictator. 🔊

In this Orwellian society, the government does everything in its power to appear perfect, but it rules its people with an iron fist.  🔊

This Orwellian novel depicts a world in which life has supposedly never been better, but individual freedoms are completely smothered.  🔊

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