Uncouth in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Uncouth

having a lack of acceptable manners

Examples of Uncouth in a sentence

The uncouth young man did not know which fork to use during the salad portion of the formal dinner. 🔊

My mother banished my brother from the dinner table after he drank too much and started to act uncouth.  🔊

While George comes from a very wealthy family, he often behaves in an uncouth manner and acts as though he has no social skills at all. 🔊

Because Sarah is well mannered and knows how to behave in social situations, she is the total opposite of her uncouth twin Lacey.  🔊

The queen was shocked by her son’s decision to marry an uncouth woman who did not know the rules of etiquette.  🔊

After the normally quiet Jake smoked marijuana, he acted uncouth and made rude comments at the party.  🔊

Maria showed exactly how uncouth she was by appearing at Ann’s birthday party without an invitation.  🔊

In my family, it is considered uncouth to question someone about the value of a gift they give you.  🔊

Although Elaine has taken many classes on social customs, she is still uncouth and does not know how to properly greet foreign dignitaries.  🔊

My brother’s uncouth girlfriend does not realize she should close her mouth while chewing her food.  🔊

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