Overarching in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Overarching

primary or predominantly

Examples of Overarching in a sentence

The boss set some overarching goals for his employees that they must work on immediately plus a few minor goals to do in their spare time. 🔊

With the detective, the overarching question that he wanted answered was who killed the dead guy because everything else seemed trivial. 🔊

Since the book’s overarching theme was good versus evil, the book club leader knew she needed to guide her members to discuss this since it was important. 🔊

After looking through all of the prom dresses, the young girl selected the overarching choice that she knew would look the best on her. 🔊

Every prosecuting attorney tries to find the overarching evidence that will quickly convince a jury of the defendant’s guilt. 🔊

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