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Definition of Oxen

typically male bovine trained as draft animals and beasts of burden

Examples of Oxen in a sentence

A pair of oxen are used to pull the farm cart that we own, since it is far too heavy to be carried with less powerful beasts.  🔊

Most bovines that are going to be used as oxen are castrated first, because they are easier to control with all of that testosterone.  🔊

While any bovine could be used to pull a cart, most oxen are male since they tend to have more physical strength.  🔊

Most oxen are simply male cows, but they can be bulls as well, since the most important thing is how strong they are.  🔊

A pair of oxen can be used to pull extremely large and heavy objects, which is why most farms have a pair of oxen for pulling carts or plows.  🔊

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