Oxymoron in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Oxymoron

an expression that contains words with opposite meanings

Examples of Oxymoron in a sentence

Normally, an oxymoron consists of a noun and an adjective which clashes in opposition with that noun. 🔊

The oxymoron “pretty ugly” implies that a person can be both attractive and unattractive at the same time. 🔊

Putting two contrasting terms together is the easiest way to make an oxymoron. 🔊

Since shrimp are never actually large, the oxymoron “jumbo shrimp” is pretty obvious. 🔊

In hopes of confusing his readers, the writer liked to use the occasional oxymoron in his articles. 🔊

Because sorrow is never appealing to me, I cannot understand the oxymoron, “sweet sorrow”. 🔊

Everyone knows the concept of a “civil war” is an oxymoron because wars are never civil. 🔊

If you want to make an obvious contradiction with words, then you should use an oxymoron. 🔊

As an oxymoron is a term or phrase which is generally composed of opposing words, an oxymoron is a clear contradiction. 🔊

When my dance teacher told me I needed “loose tights” for class, I questioned the oxymoron by asking how the pants could be both loose and tight. 🔊

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