Partisan in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Partisan

prejudiced in favor of a particular cause

Examples of Partisan in a sentence

Because of your partisan views, you are unwilling to look at other options.  🔊

The partisan press members made a point of criticizing every move the president made.  🔊

Since the judge entered his fan vote before all the contestants had performed, everyone knew his partisan vote was for the competitor from his home state.  🔊

Your partisan political views may cause you to overlook the best candidates at the polls.  🔊

If the senator wants to get the votes he needs on the bill, he is going to have to do a lot of partisan favors.  🔊

Partisan squabbling is preventing the council members from reaching a compromise on the budget.  🔊

As a teacher, I do not let my partisan political views take priority over what my students need to learn in class.  🔊

While we went to the debate to hear open-minded solutions to the economic crisis, all we heard was partisan speeches from the two candidates.  🔊

If you continue to follow your partisan plan and ignore other options, you are going to lose a lot of friends.  🔊

Please listen to the entire suggestion before you decide to make a partisan issue out of one part of the proposal!  🔊

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