Visceral in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Visceral

based on emotional reactions rather than on reason or thought

Examples of Visceral in a sentence

His visceral reaction of punching the wall left him with a broken hand on top of his broken heart. 🔊

The visceral descriptions in the shark story were so vivid that I actually felt a little nauseated.  🔊

Because some of the scenes in the movie were so visceral, I’m afraid certain images will be imprinted on my mind forever. 🔊

On my trip to Disney World, I was happy to leave the intellectual adult side of me behind while I rediscovered the purely visceral wonder of my childhood.  🔊

Many of our astronauts have commented that the visceral experience of traveling through space is like nothing they have ever experienced on Earth.  🔊

I believe Dr. Seuss’s books are so popular because the combination of language, rhyme, and unique images has a visceral effect on children and adults alike.  🔊

Although I admit that there’s definitely a visceral power in his art, I can’t look at it for very long because I find it so disturbing.  🔊

As a detective with an almost perfect record for solving difficult cases, he relies on his visceral sense, in other words his gut feelings, to lead him in the right direction.  🔊

Of all the issues that drive people apart politically, the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice discussions usually provoke the most visceral responses.  🔊

Piers has a visceral style of writing that makes all of his novels and stories very memorable.  🔊

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