Penultimate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Penultimate

right before the final one

Examples of Penultimate in a sentence

The author should have ended the series with the penultimate novel instead of closing out the hero’s tale with this poorly written story.  🔊

As the penultimate host, Rick’s job was to announce the person who would close out the show.  🔊

Our team lost the penultimate series so we will not be competing in the final game.  🔊

Surprisingly, last week’s penultimate episode of the television show was more exciting than this week’s series finale.  🔊

Instead of ending his remarks with profanity, Jack should have made his penultimate sentence his last words to the judge.  🔊

My favorite racecar driver led the race all the way through the penultimate turn and then crashed on the finishing curve.  🔊

Because Jen was so happy to see the last test question, she skipped over the penultimate question above it.  🔊

My father had a penultimate heart attack on Sunday that left him so weak he could not survive Tuesday’s heart attack.  🔊

After watching the penultimate film in the trilogy, we could not wait to see the final movie.  🔊

The penultimate draft of my story will be edited and then published as a novel.  🔊

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