Persimmon in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Persimmon

a reddish-orange sweet fruit that is similar to a plum

Examples of Persimmon in a sentence

After pulling a persimmon off the tree, the young girl took a bite into the juicy rosy produce tasting its sugary flesh.  🔊

At first I grabbed the tomato thinking it was the persimmon, but thankfully I noticed the color was too blood red to be the sweet produce.  🔊

After cutting the persimmon in half, I noticed the pale red star shape in the middle of the luscious fruit.  🔊

No sugar needed to be added to the pudding since my grandmother mixed a mashed persimmon with a few other ingredients.  🔊

At the grocery store, the customer would squeeze the persimmon to determine if it was ripe feeling the red skin of the mature fruit.  🔊

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