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Definition of Piety

respect and devotion to a higher power or religious organization

Examples of Piety in a sentence

The millionaire’s act of piety was a huge donation that allowed the church to build homes for five needy families. 🔊

Looking at the mural of Jesus inspired me to think more about living a life of piety. 🔊

Everyone knew Sarah would probably become a nun because she spent most of her time performing deeds of piety for those in need. 🔊

Because Lester did not live a life of piety, he cannot be buried in the church cemetery. 🔊

The missionary’s piety led him to risk his own life in order to share the message of Christianity. 🔊

Out of a feeling of piety, the man donated all of his money to the church. 🔊

Mother Teresa is recognized throughout the world as a woman of great piety who dedicated her life to helping others. 🔊

As a parent, I have taught my children that even a quick bedtime prayer is an act of piety. 🔊

My grandmother’s piety was reflected in the fact she never missed a church service in fifty years. 🔊

When the killer prayed before his execution, he shocked everyone with his act of piety. 🔊

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