Abstract in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Abstract

being present as an idea but not in a definite form

Examples of Abstract in a sentence

I cannot distinguish any defined shapes within the artist’s abstract painting. 🔊

An expert in ancient forms of communication, Jim can understand the abstract language used by prehistoric peoples.  🔊

Hopefully the architect will be able to turn my abstract sketches into the house of my dreams. 🔊

If you go to the designer with an abstract idea, it will be difficult for him to create the wedding dress you desire.  🔊

It was hard for the detective to solve the killer’s abstract riddle.  🔊

When I opened the board game, I was completely confused by the abstract instructions.  🔊

Unfortunately, the inventor could not turn his abstract idea into an actual product.  🔊

In the game, each team is given an abstract noun to describe using only illustrations.  🔊

Most people consider love an abstract idea because it is not a physical object.  🔊

According to philosophers, perfection is an abstract concept that can never be realized.  🔊

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