Electoral College in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Electoral College

a body of chosen representatives who stand in for the U.S. from each state and cast ballots for the election of the president and vice president

Examples of Electoral College in a sentence

Many people think we should get rid of the Electoral College and let the voters elect the president directly instead of through representatives.  🔊

During every presidential election, Alaska sends only three electors of the Electoral College to cast ballots for the state.  🔊

Although she won the popular vote, Hilary Clinton did not win enough Electoral College votes to be elected president of the U.S.  🔊

California has the most Electoral College electors with 55 representatives casting ballots for the Golden State during the presidential election.  🔊

A Faithless Elector is an elector of the Electoral College who ignores their pledge to vote for a certain candidate and votes for another presidential choice instead.  🔊

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