Democracy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Democracy

a government by the people where the majority rules

Examples of Democracy in a sentence

If you are opposed to democracy, you do not believe every individual has a voice.  🔊

Without democracy, one person could tell billions of people what to do.  🔊

If there are not elections, then there is no democracy.  🔊

While I believe in democracy, I am the king of my own castle.  🔊

Because of democracy, people in many countries get to choose their own presidents.  🔊

Although democracy gives you the right to vote, it does not guarantee your favorite candidate will win the election.  🔊

Democracy is present in schools in student-run groups like student council organizations.  🔊

In the workplace, opinion boxes are a form of democracy because they allow workers to express their opinions about their jobs and work environments.  🔊

The United States is not a pure democracy because the electorates actually cast the final votes in the presidential election.  🔊

Democracy has no room for dictators.  🔊

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