Ingratiate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ingratiate

to try to get someone's approval by doing or saying things that will please them

Examples of Ingratiate in a sentence

The candidate will try to ingratiate himself with voters by promising to reduce taxes.  🔊

The con artist hoped to ingratiate himself into the wealthy widow’s life.  🔊

While I do like you a great deal, I am not willing to ingratiate myself into your life by telling you a bunch of lies.  🔊

Because Sarah wanted a raise, she decided to ingratiate herself with her boss by offering to work on the weekends.  🔊

How dare you try to ingratiate yourself into my child’s life by buying her toys!  🔊

Since the new teacher failed to ingratiate herself with the students, she found it hard to maintain an orderly classroom.  🔊

If you are trying to ingratiate yourself to me by offering me chocolate, it is not going to work!  🔊

Although the prisoner did everything he could to ingratiate himself with the parole board, his parole was still denied.  🔊

To win the business contract, the vendor had to ingratiate himself with the office manager.  🔊

Matthew tried everything he could to ingratiate himself in his ex-girlfriend’s life.  🔊

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