Prate in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Prate

talking for a long time without purpose

Examples of Prate in a sentence

1. Even when the intoxicated woman was placed in the police car, she continued to prate until one of the officers yelled for her to be silent. 🔉

2. Jill put on her headphones so she would not have to listen to Paige prate about her unhappy marriage.  🔉

3. During his visits, my grandfather will sit in the big chair and prate about his life until he talks himself to sleep. 🔉

4. My extremely religious aunt has been known to prate on and on about her beliefs. 🔉

5. As my teacher continued to prate about various cultures, I began to fall asleep. 🔉

6. When my mother is in one of those moods where she wants to prate, she will not stop talking even when I mention a headache. 🔉

7. Helen had no interest in listening to the car salesman prate about the features of a car she could not afford. 🔉

8. Since I am unhappily single, it is sometimes difficult for me to listen to my sister prate about her happy marriage. 🔉

9. My husband walked out the front door as I started to prate about the late hours he was keeping. 🔉

10. After Jack listened to his coworker prate about his new baby for weeks, he decided he never wanted to have children.  🔉

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