Eloquent in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Eloquent

having or showing the ability to use language clearly and effectively

Examples of Eloquent in a sentence

1. When you listen to the eloquent politician speak, you always understand his message. 🔉

2. Margie is an eloquent storyteller who can paint a picture with her words. 🔉

3. As a listener, I found his persuasive speech to be quite eloquent and moving. 🔉

4. The valedictorian’s eloquent words brought the audience to its feet. 🔉

5. Although James was a brilliant writer, he was not an eloquent speaker and always stuttered in front of a crowd. 🔉

6. The lawyer’s eloquent summary answered all of the jury’s questions. 🔉

7. According to many British history books, Winston Churchill was an eloquent spokesman who led his people simply with his words. 🔉

8. An eloquent minister can hold his congregation’s attention even during a long sermon.  🔉

9. Despite his sorrow, the soldier managed to give an eloquent eulogy about his fallen comrade. 🔉

10. The judge ignored the guilty man’s eloquent plea and sentenced him to life in prison. 🔉

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