Contemplating in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Contemplating

carefully thinking about something

Examples of Contemplating in a sentence

After seeing his girlfriend’s offensive text, he was contemplating a breakup. 🔊

It was a tough choice contemplating whether to buy the SUV or truck. 🔊

The president of the company was contemplating a new program that would promote brand loyalty. 🔊

Though he lived in apartments his whole life, he was contemplating buying a single-family home. 🔊

Looking for a place to live, he was contemplating if a condo was the right move. 🔊

She was carefully contemplating his proposal to weigh the pros and cons. 🔊

He was contemplating an appropriate punishment for his children’s disobedience. 🔊

Knowing both shoes were great, he was contemplating which would work better for his purposes. 🔊

In light of the new evidence, the judge was contemplating a guilty sentence. 🔊

The judge was contemplating a stern warning in lieu of traditional punishment, but it was a hard decision. 🔊

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