Infer in a Sentence  ðŸ”‰

Definition of Infer

to make a guess based on evidence and reasoning

Examples of Infer in a sentence

1. Based on satellite images, we can infer with a degree of certainty that Japan is about to launch an attack. ðŸ”‰

2. Jack’s answers to my questions during our interview allowed me to infer that he was not the right candidate for the position. ðŸ”‰

3. Based on exit polls, we infer that Ted will win Iowa by a wide margin. ðŸ”‰

4. Since you did not show up for the first day of work, we will infer that you are not serious about the job. ðŸ”‰

5. We were able to infer from her style of dress that she was a very wealthy lady. ðŸ”‰

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