Illustrious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Illustrious

respectable because of one’s accomplishments

Examples of Illustrious in a sentence

The leader of the country will recognize the illustrious scientist in a private ceremony.  🔊

As a member of an illustrious family of doctors, John is considered to be one of the city’s most eligible bachelors.  🔊

The Hollywood cemetery is filled with the remains of some of the entertainment world’s most illustrious celebrities.  🔊

Because Sarah has never made a grade lower than an A, her teachers voted her the most illustrious member of the senior class.  🔊

Tom’s illustrious ancestors include a prizewinning author, an Olympic athlete, and a celebrated journalist.  🔊

As the interviewer looked at Matt’s resume, she found herself impressed by the number of illustrious companies for which he had worked.  🔊

A number of illustrious football players have played for the prestigious university.  🔊

Looking back at William’s illustrious achievements, it is not surprising he became one of our country’s presidents.  🔊

The illustrious young man earned a perfect score on the college entrance exam.  🔊

When the illustrious soldier returned to his hometown, he was welcomed with a grand parade.  🔊

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