Decree in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Decree

an official order issued by a legal authority

Examples of Decree in a sentence

The queen issued a royal decree which stopped people from visiting the royal gardens during the holidays. 🔊

According to the court’s decree, all suspects can meet their accusers in court. 🔊

When the president signed the decree on equal rights, everyone in the audience cheered. 🔊

The foreign government tried to reduce the population by issuing a decree limiting births. 🔊

Under the terms of my divorce decree, I am to receive a monthly allowance from my ex-husband. 🔊

Jane asked her lawyer to explain the confusing terms of the judge’s decree. 🔊

After the hurricane, the governor signed an emergency decree which sent food and medical aid to the destroyed counties. 🔊

Once the decree has been signed by the president, all veterans will continue to receive free medical services throughout the country. 🔊

The judge ended Julie and Jake’s marriage by signing a decree. 🔊

When the adoption decree was read, my husband and I wrapped our arms around our new daughter. 🔊

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