Axiom in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Axiom

a rule or principal that many people accept as true

Examples of Axiom in a sentence

Although you keep using that axiom as the basis for your paper, the concept itself is not true. 🔊

Mrs. Struthers is an awful teacher who does not believe the axiom that states, "all children can learn". 🔊

According to the axiom, all men have equal worth. 🔊

The axiom of it being cheaper by the dozen is not true when it comes to feeding a large family at today’s market prices. 🔊

If we can prove this rule is not true, the axiom will be disproved. 🔊

Because the police officer believes the axiom "people cannot change", he will not listen to the suspect’s claim of innocence. 🔊

The actress with the fewest number of lines found it difficult to accept the axiom about there being no small roles only small actors. 🔊

When the university disproved the basic axiom of protein replication, the scientific community was shocked and hurried to confirm the new findings. 🔊

Unfortunately, the dictator runs his country on the axiom "might makes right". 🔊

You should heed this business axiom because it has made millionaires out of many men. 🔊

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