Proprioception in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Proprioception

the body’s unconscious ability to sense the position and location and movement of the body and its parts

Examples of Proprioception in a sentence

Proprioception allows a person to know where their leg is positioned, even when their eyes are closed.  🔊

Proprioception is an important ability as it allows the body to know how it is positioned without needing the sense of sight.  🔊

Researching proprioception, scientists have discovered that the muscle tension is sensed by the Golgi tendon organelles.  🔊

Because of her body’s proprioception, the blindfolded woman could sense where she was even in the dark.  🔊

Severe alcohol poisoning affected the drunk’s proprioception and he was unable to move his body in sync.  🔊

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